Camp Gauto: Sweden at its best!

In March it was time for Camp Gauto again, a wonerful place in the middle of nowhere close to the polar circle – the best place to spend your winter holiday if you aks me!  This year I did not take the direct route vie Arjeplog Ariport thoug since flight connection was super bad and almost overbooked by engineers who went there for testing next generation cars in winter conditions. Instead I took the plane to Oulo in Finland, where my buddy Heikki picked me up at the airport. After a stopover night at his place we started our 600km trip to Gauto. But enough text for now, check the photos to get an impression how epic that place is! 🙂



Thanks again to Anders from Camp Gauto, Heikki and the BDPA Crew for making that trip possible! 🙂




Skidoo in northern sweden jumping in the sun

IMG_1502IMG_1374IMG_1268 IMG_1272 IMG_1278
IMG_1406 IMG_1444 IMG_1472
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